'This is such an amazing program, my daughter is in her 4th season at ICE. She has experienced issues with anxiety, being on a team and part of this program has helped her so much. The coaching staff are professional, experienced and truly care about your athlete and their development. I can't say enough about this program and what it means to our family!'  
-Tina, Cheer Mom


So what is Cheerleading anyway?
We're sure you've viewed it in popular media, or watched the film 'Bring it on!' and while these representations might be close, they do not truly showcase the dedication, athleticism, strength and most importantly TEAM aspects of our sport. Cheerleading is a combination of gymnastics skills, like tumbling, pyramid building, basket tossing, choreography, flexibility, stunt skills, jam packed into a 2 minute and 30 second Allstar routine. Cheerleading is divided into various age divisions and levels to make progression safe for each age grouping and athlete as they move through their cheer career. 
So why Cheerleading? 
-Physical endurance and cardio- it is a great work out!
-Team building & leadership
-Positive and supportive environment for girls in sport
-Developing flexibility and range of movement
-Coordination and Motor skills

What does ICE Offer:

-All Level Training

-Recreational Team Options

-Half Season Prep Teams

-All Star Local

-Allstar Travel

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