ICE Tumble & Class Program

The class & tumble side of our program is developed for skill advancement using appropriate drills, progressions and circuits focusing on specific levelled skills. Not only are these classes and programs great for cheerleaders but our gymnasts and even acro athletes and dancers take advantage! We welcome anyone to come in and try a private, class or clinic!

Private Lessons: In 30min or 1hr long sessions with 1-on-1 instruction with a credentialed coaching staff member. Athletes are led through a warm up, are taken through a series of drills focusing on the skill(s) of their choice and finish with repetition of the skill and some conditioning. Please note: Private lessons do not have to be just tumbling, our instructors also offer privates for flex, jump skills, etc. 

Semi-Private Lessons: Also offered in the sessions, 30mins and 1hr. These classes are structured similarly but can be split between 2 athletes, generally working the same level or skill set. Athletes are taken through a group warm up, a stretch, and again a drill, balanced with spotting so that each athlete gets the appropriate attention they require from their instructor. 

Specialty Classes: Specialty classes are offered on a weekly schedule and change or curriculum is adjusted based on where we are in our season. Specialty classes could include jump class, 360 twist class, coed class, flex/flight class, etc. 

Special Clinics: Offered throughout the season- elite camp, flex clinics, flight school, tune-up clinics and even occasional crossfit and day-time yoga sessions. Check our social media or iClass portal for advertised classes & clinics! for sign-up or visit our parent portal

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